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Such justice. [x]


Such justice. [x]

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JK Rowling has never said half of the things you claim she said. So get down from your hippogriff and shut the fuck up.

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Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire.

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what x-files episode would you recommend that i use to introduce my friend to the show?:)

The Pilot episode is always my answer to this kind of questions. Because the core of the show is the relationship between Mulder and Scully and what better introduction than the moment when it all started?

If you’re not feeling it, I’d advise you to go for what your friend likes the most. There are so many different genres and themes within the show, it’s almost easy to find something that it’s going to pleasantly surprise someone (especially because most people believe that TXF consists of 9 seasons of Mulder and Scully chasing aliens on a spaceship :p).

Hope it helps. :)

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Can people please stop going on about how black female characters need to stay single so that they can be strong and independent and your beacon of feminism? Stop. Seriously stop that shit. A black woman on the show being the only one to not be in a romantic relationship is not progressive. It’s not empowering. It is not empowering to turn on a tv show and see that character constantly be in the background when everyone else falls in love. Not when you’re constantly having studies coming out saying that black women are the least attractive, least desirable, and least likely to be married among their counterparts. Saying you need to see someone be single and proclaiming that it hasto be the black female character is gross. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!

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Make Me Choose webbpepper asked: Rachedes or Pezberry
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Quinn Fabray + smiling

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So, I was rewatching How Your Mother Met Me last night and, I don’t know, maybe I’m just thinking too much…

But Ted met Robin, who’d be the object of his obsession for the next eight years, on the same night Max died, a loss that would take Tracy the next eight years to overcome. It just really messed me up, emotionally speaking, how the same night marked the beginning of a journey that only ended on the day they finally let go of what they thought it was their ‘one true love’. A journey that, once finished, led to them finally meeting each other and starting their journey together, because life still had a lot to offer and they were both missing it while dreaming about what could have been.

It also messed me up knowing that, by the final episode, all of this would be a lie. But I don’t like talking about that… -.-

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anonymous asked: alana bloom or bedelia du maurier?

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